Nothing beats the student life

Dear Students,

Masaya ang buhay estudyante Maraming happenings at fun memories.
Marami ring drama and group cry ūüė¶ Encounter sa mga iba’t ibang karakter at personalidad.

Crushes and puppy love, overnight, group projects, BFF , field trip, laugh trip, bully, terror teachers….at marami pang iba. Mga experience na priceless.

Kaya kung tatannungin mo kung Anong pinakamasayang season ng buhay. Majority ng mga Nanay at Tatay natin sasabihin nila, “Nothing beats the the student life.”

That’s why I’m starting this blog. Masaya Ang buhay estudyante pero hindi lahat Alam ito. Kaya dapat nating Ipaalam.

Balik ka dito sa isang araw para matulungan Kita Kung paano ka
makaka- survive as a student.




IGNITE, Campus Ministry and Changed Lives.

Last May 26-28, we hosted IGNITE  our campus conference to kick off the campus ministry this year. Testimonies from students are  so overwhelming and as a result, they are all excited to go back to school and share Jesus to their classmates.

Here are the 8 Reasons Why We Need To Reach Out To The Campus.

1. The campus is where the future leaders of the society are located.

2. The campus is where major movements have started.

3.  The values of the campus will become the values of  society.

4. The campus is where the most available trainable masses are located.

5.  Majority of those who become Christians make the decision during their student years.

6. The campus is where thousands of international students from unreached students from unreached nations are   studying and are open to being reached for Christ.

7. When you reach a student, you touch their family.

8. God has promised to pour out His Spirit in the last days upon sons and daughters ( Joel2:28)

Campus ministry is all about changed life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We intentionally do campus ministry to lead students to Christ.

TOP 10 Highlights of 2010

Christmas is around the corner. The year is about to end. I want to take this time to look back and give my top 10 highlights of 2010, in random order.

1. Iris gave birth to our beautiful daughter Helena.

2. Celebrated Father’s Day, now I know how it feels.

3. Moved to a newly renovated and better house. 3rd house in 2 1/2 yrs.

4. Change our name from ENCM to LifeBox, better name to open more campuses.

5. Opening of our new Victory Center @ Robinsons Metro East. I love this church!

6. Launched of our Friday Night Youth service . 400+ students attend regularly. FNY rocks!

7. Baptized 81 students in our Victory Weekend and now plugged in the church.

8. Trained 50+ students who are making disciples, through one on one follow-ups and small groups.

9. Privileged to work with 300+ committed volunteers, who are passionate to make Jesus famous.

10. Another year of fruitful partnership with all of my Ministry Partners, who believe in the calling of our ministry.








What’s your top 10?

Our future is in the campuses

The future business leaders, CEO’s, and millionaires, statesman and world changers are in the campuses today.

The story of our campus today, will be the story of our nation in the future. If we want to see our nation back from its former glory, we need to tap the right people.

Who are they? The students.

It is my hope and prayer that through our effort in LIFEBOX, we can contribute in rebuilding our nation.

Today, we have a strong campus work inside Philippine School of Business Administration – PSBA.

Few years from now these students will join the market place.

They will graduate not just equipped with a business degree, but knowing that Jesus Christ is their Lord and Savior, and He will use them for His purpose.

Our students now, will be our future as a nation. Let’s continue reaching out to them.


Monday random thoughts

  • I think there was a party in heaven yesterday, a lot of people gave their life to Jesus.
  • Preaching is at its best when you know that God is the one speaking and not you.( lets not forget that)
  • Are u a church-goer or a disciple? 286 times the word disciple appeared in the Bible, while the word church -goer was never mentioned at all. I hope we get the point. We need to be a disciple and not just a church goer.
  • Church yesterday was cool and light. People are smiling and everyone seems friendly. Looking forward next week.
  • Next Sunday is Fathers Day, How will i celebrate it? I think i need to blog about that this week,
  • Helena is gggrrroowiiing so fast. Now I know why a lot of parents remind me to enjoy every moment with her.
  • Iris is becoming more and more beautiful everyday.. Motherhood is the new beauty regimen.
  • I am getting out of shape… Will play basket¬† soon and start running again. seriously.
  • LAKERS will (should) win game 5 – that’s my fearless forecast, Kobe is too good to contain.
  • Today is Holiday. Enjoy the rest of the day

Change the Campus, Change the World. Part 2

Hello there!!!

I’m so excited to be back in the field, after one-month of leave due to giving birth of Iris.

Fatherhood is an amazing experience, and for the past 6 weeks of being¬† a father, I more¬† realized how God being a Father to us, loves us so much. And I’m excited with the years to come.

As a parent, Iris and I are adjusting slowly, and we love every moment it. The bloopers, crying, and sleepless nights we have with Helena are priceless. Nonetheless, we thank God for giving us this privilege to be a parent to her.

But in spite of this life changing event in our life, the vision of reaching the next generation is very much alive.

Here are some quick updates for the last 2 months, April and May. A hot and humid campus vacation.

1. Last May 15, we baptized 17 students @ Victory Weekend retreat.

That is 17 lives surrendered to Jesus, 17 Destinies

and 17 World Changers in the making.

2. From Every Nation Campus Ministries ( ENCM) we changed our name to LIFE Box.

Why LIFE Box? Because it represent well

our passion as a ministry that is…

Preparing Students for LIFE.

3. Youth Service every week is growing steadily,

from an average of 150 students every week,

We are now hitting an average of 250 every week, that is additional

100 students.

That is 100 bright future that God is orchestrating.

4. This June, we are training around 60 students to reach out to their friends and classmates, to lead a small group in their campuses and to minister to their sphere of influence. These 60 students will be use by God to catch the harvest.

Please stand with us in prayer as we enter this new school year.

Exciting things are happening.

Together with your partnership we can truly disciple this nation for Jesus.